How should I clean the zisha teapot?

Last Updated On September 22, 2018

How should I clean the zisha teapot?

zisha teapot

How to clean bad smell and tea stain?

Teapots are not used for a long time, or failing to pour the tea residue in time due to negligence, mildew or odor will occur. How to clean this situation?

The intention is to fill the water first, shake it a few times, and then immersed in the cold water, then the bad smell can be removed, repeated many times.

Teapots are often used, but they are not cleaned up in time after use. Another situation arises, and it is easy to accumulate tea scale.

If you encounter tea stains that are difficult to clean, prepare a “small soft hair brush” and “some edible baking sodas”, pour the appropriate amount of baking soda into the pot, then inject warm water, then brush with a small brush after a few minutes. Tea stain, this is a better cleaning method.

All of the above situations are inadvertent use, so we should pay attention to timely dumping the tea residue in the daily use of the teapot and keep it clean.

How to clean the zisha teapot for changing tea leaves?

“One pot of one tea” believes that this is what many pot friends know. Zisha has an adsorption property. A pot of different tea leaves will taste and affect the taste. However, some pot friends especially like this pot and want to change the kind. What about tea? In this case, it is also necessary to clean the zisha teapot.

The pot should be washed first, washed in accordance with the method of removing odor, and then placed in the shade. Then add new tea, put it down for a few hours, then rinse it off.

How to clean the new zisha teapot?

If there is a new pot, there may be a “quartz powder or dust” that is left in the pot. It needs to be cleaned. This type of thing is relatively simple. It can be poured after boiling water.

There is also a type of “pot body waxing”, remove this can be put into hot water to cook, about half an hour can be, then wipe clean, generally speaking, the new pot open pot and do not cook, but if it is “new pot If it looks bright and greasy, it is better to cook it.

There are probably so many about cleaning. Finally, let’s talk about daily use, don’t get dirty, keep it clean. Do not use “sandpaper, polished sheet”, etc. during the cleaning process. It is best to use a soft brush.