How does Biluochun drink?

Last Updated On November 05, 2018

It is very important to brew the water temperature of Biluochun. A cup of good tea is not only good for taste, but also the most beautiful color of tea. The water temperature not only affects the taste of Biluochun, but also affects the color of Biluochun. The amount of tea should also be a certain proportion with water. Biluochun will be fragrant, and the ratio of tea to water is roughly 1:50-60. About Biluochun’s brewing equipment is usually a glass or porcelain.

First of all, the bubble Biluochun can not use the water to roll off. Because Biluochun has not been fermented, and the tea is very delicate, using boiling water will burn the tea. It is best to use 70-80 degrees of blisters. The high water temperature is one of the root causes of bitterness.

Second, the brewing time should not be too long, and the time will be long, and it will be bitter.

Third, to use high-density tea sets, such as glass cups, porcelain cups, etc., can not use purple sand utensils, which is easy to lose the taste of tea.

Fourth, some people like to use a glass to soak the Biluochun, the method is: first fill the glass with 1/3 of boiling water, when the water temperature drops to 70-80 degrees, put Biluochun into, and then wait for Biluochun tea to bloom Open, add another 1/3 of the water.


Biluochun, which tastes elegant fragrance, is very enjoyable. Biluochun is very particular about how to make it. When you need to master the skills, you need your personal practice and exploration to master the flaws. Drinking tea is very healthy, and in the heart of a busy life, stop and enjoy the tranquility of a cup of tea. It is not a kind of enjoyment of life!