Famous tea legend: Huangshan Maofeng

Last Updated On November 18, 2018

According to legend, during the Tianqi period of the Ming Dynasty, the new county magistrate Xiong Kaiyuan of Jiangnan County took a book boy to play in Huangshan. Lost in the middle of the road, I met a monk and took them to the temple to stay overnight. When the elders in the temple saw a guest, they greeted the “Huangshan Maofeng” tea. Xiong Kaiyuan saw the color of the tea was yellowish, shaped like a tongue, wearing a white, hot air in the air into a white lotus, exudes fragrance, it smells very comfortable.

The next day, the elders presented the Huangshan Maofeng and the Huangshan spring water of a gourd to the county for the night before, and they must use the Huangshan spring water to brew Maofeng tea, and the white lotus wonders will appear. After Xiongzhi County returned to the county, he happened to meet the old friend of the same class, Taiping County, and took out Huangshan Maofeng to entertain him. The Taiping County saw the white lotus wonders and sighed again and again, and then went to the capital to play the emperor, and wanted to offer the fairy tea to invite the reward.

However, without the help of spring water, the white lotus wonder did not appear, so the emperor was very angry. Taiping County can only honestly confess this tea for Xiong Kaiyuan, a magistrate of Jixian County. After being forced to enter the palace, Xiong Kaiyuan came to Huangshan to take water from the elders. Xiong Kaiyuan, who successfully performed the Bailian wonders, was promoted to the governor of the south of the Yangtze River. However, at this time, Xiongzhi County was infinitely sighed: Huangshan famous tea is still of high quality, let alone human beings? So he quit his official position and went to Huangshan Yungu Temple alone to be a monk.

Huangshan Maofeng

Now go to the road under the Yungu Temple where Cangsong enters the cloud and repairs the bamboo. You can see a tomb. It is said that it is the tomb of Zhengzhi Monk.

Without the pure spring water in the mountains, Huangshan Maofeng never yielded to contribute to the wonders of Bailian. It is not only the legend of tea but also the subject of national integrity.