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Chinese Tea Culture Knowledge

Really drink strong tea to sober up after drinking alcohol ?

Really drink strong tea to sober up after drinking alcohol ? Some people often drink strong tea to sober up and after drinking alcohol. In fact, this way is not entirely correct. Drinking tea after drinking alcohol has both advantages and disadvantages. Drinking tea can accelerate the decomposition of alcohol in the body.And its diuretic effect can help the decomposition of the material discharged; However, it will also increase the burden on the liver and kidneys.Therefore, people with poor liver and kidney disease should [...]


Can children drink tea?

Children will always have a curious heart, see adults drink tea, he would also like to drink. Many parents worry that children can be so small can not drink tea, worried about the growth and development of the child will bring risks, then a few years old children can not drink tea? Children should not drink tea. Tea contains theophylline and other substances, which easily excite the human central nervous system. In addition, children are always growing, and their nervous [...]


How was tea discovered?

It is said that Shennong, one of the “There Emperors and Five Sovereigns” of ancient China, discovered that tea ted a purifying, curative effect thousands of years ago. Shennong’s Herb-Root Classic, “Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs, encountered 72 kids of poisons, and cured himself with.” Of course, this is only a myth. However, it does most probably the origin of tea and the history of tea for medical and dietary purposes, and the facts also bear out the biochemical [...]


What is china tea culture?

Tea is a daily for many Chinese, and embodies profound cultural connotations. It has delivered for-reaching influence on the social philosophy and national character of China through the tea planting, the tea production process, the art of tea appreciation, the sensory enjoyment of tea users, literary records and extolment of interpersonal feelings and the works of calligraphy and painting. In particular, the essential character of tea has had a subtle interaction with Chinese culture and philosophical thought, and represents [...]


How is China tea classified?

Chinese tea be classified in terms of the tea production process. By fermentation, tea is divided into non-fermented types, semi-fermented types, full-fermented types. The modern popular classification is expressed om terms of the processing feature and the color of the tea, for example green tea, oolong tea,black tea, white tea, yellow tea, dark tea and post-processed tea. The understanding and distinction of different kinds of tea help us appreciate them and optimize the brewing method. Chinese Green tea, also known [...]


How has the word“tea”appeared in the world?

The Chinese were the first to discover and use tea, so the pronunciations of “tea” across the entire word generally originated from the word for ‘tea’ in China. China has many ethnic groups, and the word ‘tea’ is typically pronounced in there ways: First, “cha” in North China; second, “tey” in the southeast coastal regions of China; and third, “la” in the southwest part of China, which is home to many ethnic minorities. In the earlier period, power in [...]