About the origin of the name of Jin Junmei

Last Updated On November 19, 2018

Jinjunmei is produced in Wuyishan Nature Reserve, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. The raw materials are collected from the high mountains of 1500~1800 meters above sea level. Combined with the processing technology of Zhengshan small black tea, it is a new variety of black tea. Jin Junmei, if classified according to China’s tea classification standards, that is, from the processing technology, is black tea. So why is it called “Jin Junmei”?

Jin Junmei

It is understood that in Fujian in 2005, six tea people gathered together. On the ordinary day, under the leadership of Mr. Zhang, the tea man, and Mr. Tearen Jiang’s leadership, Mr. Liang Renliang made the first bubble gold eyebrow. The earliest Jin Junmei was successfully developed. After it was made, Mr. Jiang called Beijing Friends, Mr. Sun and others to open a snack together. I feel that the tea is full of fragrance, honey, sweet potato, floral and other comprehensive alpine flavors, and has a long sweet taste, refreshing and smooth throat, very advanced. Its shape is black and yellow, black and black in the black, showing a shape, placed in the tea tray like a galloping horse.

Several people named it. During the period, Mr. Zhang said that this is a good tea from the mountains. Mr. Jiang thought that in the green tea, there are tea buds, eyebrows, and eyebrows. Why not name this eyebrows? It. As soon as this statement came out, the friends deeply agreed, that is, according to their appearance and color, they were taken as Jinjunmei black tea. In a nutshell, taking it as Jinjunmei Black Tea contains the following meanings:

1. Jin. Gold, precious things, yellow and bright.

2. Jun. With the “Jun”, it is collected in the mountains and mountains; its shape is like a horse (hippocampus), and the horse is fast and fast; the company began to produce this tea and hoped that this product could be promoted as fast as a horse.

3.Mei (eyebrow). The eyebrows are the meaning of the longevity of the longevity, and the good buds in the tea are made into the eyebrows, such as the eyebrows and the eyebrows.

At this point, the name of Jin Junmei is finally clear.