23 knowledge of Xihu Longjing Tea

Last Updated On October 29, 2018

1: What are the varieties of West Lake Longjing tea trees?

The group species of West Lake Longjing is generally the old tea tree, which is the seed germination; Longjing 43, is asexually propagated, and is cultivated into tea seedlings by cutting leaves on the tea tree; the other is Longjing long leaves, but the distribution is relatively small. In the original production standard of Longjing Tea, there are strict requirements for the tree species of Longjing in West Lake: Longjing 43, group species and Longjing Longye can be used to fire West Lake Longjing.

2: How to identify pure hand-made Longjing, semi-manual Longjing, and mechanism Longjing?

Longjing 43 is asexually propagated. It is cultivated into tea seedlings by cutting leaves on the tea tree. The ratio of polyphenols to amino acids is slightly higher, so the buds are a little red after brewing; the seed buds will be thinner and the leaves are thinner. But the contents are more abundant.

Handmade tea is rare now. Most of the current West Lake Longjing production areas use a semi-mechanical method, the green pot is fried with a machine, and the pot is hand-made. Most of the mechanical frying is tea in other producing areas.

The shape is very flat, the leaves are very thin, the hand feels very light, mostly mechanically fried; the handcuffs are a bit weighty, relatively heavy, the leaves are full and wrinkled, usually semi-manual; if the color is dark, the shape is tight Straight, this is generally handmade.

3: Which production area of ​​West Lake Longjing tastes the best?

The most famous of West Lake Longjing Tea is the Longjing of ‘Lion’, which is the lion of Longjing Village, the Wengjia Mountain, Lingyin Village, Yangmeiling and Manjue, which belong to the “Lion”, aroma, The taste is the best.

4: Why is Longjing Tea in Xihu District so good?

There are many factors. First of all, its soil quality is the key. The soil on the Shifeng Mountain is generally white sand, but there are also red and yellow soils. It is also necessary to consider whether it is sunny.

Secondly, it is a microclimate. On Longjing Mountain, the temperature is low at night, which is conducive to the accumulation of organic components. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, which is beneficial to the growth of tea.

Finally, the tea tree variety is selected from Longjing 43 and group species.

5: What is the difference between West Lake Longjing and Zhejiang Longjing?

Longjing tea is divided into three production areas, Xihu production area, Yuezhou production area and Qiantang production area. The Qiantang production area is located in eight counties and cities in the Hangzhou area; the Yuezhou production area is in the nine counties and districts of the Shaoxing area; the West Lake Longjing tea production area, in the 168 square kilometers of the Xihu District, is made of flat green tea. For West Lake Longjing tea.

West Lake Longjing is divided into two production areas, a primary protection area and a secondary protection area. The West Lake Scenic Area is a first-class protection area, such as Shifeng, Meiwu, etc. The second-level protection area is the Longwu of the West Lake District, which turns to the pond and stays, Shuangpu. The area of ​​tea gardens is 7,800 mu of primary protection area and 18,000 mu of secondary protection area, totaling about 26,000 mu.

6: Are the requirements for soil different for different types of tea trees?

Tea trees like acidic soil, the pH value is about 4.5, and there is a place where the azaleas are open for tea tree growth. The best soil is white sand, which contains a variety of mineral ingredients, and the tea produced is relatively rich in flavor. Why is the tea of ​​Shifeng particularly fragrant? Soil is the determining factor.

7: What is the difference between the purple buds in Longjing Tea Garden and the purple buds in Pu’er?

The high content of anthocyanins in purple buds will bring bitter taste to the tea. Generally speaking, summer and autumn tea will have purple buds, but spring tea is rare. Purple buds are not incapable of drinking. If processed into other teas, such as Yunnan’s purple bud cake, it is also a good choice. Yunnan Pu’er tea is a large leaf species, Longjing tea is a small and medium leaf species, and the tree species are different, so the content of the ingredients is different.

8: What are the main points of West Lake Longjing when picking?

The picking of the West Lake Longjing is carried out in batches. The tea buds grow to a certain extent and need to be picked. It’s not all about buds all at once. Because the batch was picked several times in batches, the first batch of tea was not uniform in size, but the second and third batches of tea were very neat and beautiful.

9: If the West Lake Longjing tea is picked with fish leaves, does it affect the taste?

The fish-leaf is taken from the fish leaves that have experienced winter in the past year, which has an effect on the shape. When frying, the fish leaves are old and easy to be burned in the pot, so they have an influence on the taste and shape.

10: The cooling time of West Lake Longjing is usually several hours?

The cooling time of West Lake Longjing should be determined according to the condition of fresh leaves: picking in the morning and picking in the afternoon. There are differences between sunny picking and cloudy picking, which usually takes 6-7 hours. Now the tea leaves that the machine kills, the cooling time is often insufficient, and it will have an impact on the aroma.

11: What is unique about the craft of West Lake Longjing?

The traditional hand-made West Lake Longjing is fried with “ten tactics”. In fact, tea farmers are looking at tea for tea, not only the top ten techniques, but also constantly changing their methods according to the changes in tea. Hand-made tea is a very troublesome thing, so some people now use the machine green pot, which saves a lot of labor, but the aroma is not as good as the hand-fired tea. So you have to drink really good tea, it is best to choose all handmade, although the appearance is slightly worse, but the aroma will be better.

12: How long does it take to control the temperature to get a good aroma?

The temperature of the killing of Longjing tea is generally different from the mechanical method. The mechanical method is generally above 200 °C, while the manual frying is generally around 120 °C.

13: West Lake Longjing Tea’s current handmade tea is also fried in an electric wok. What is the difference between the quality of traditional wok-fired wok?

Is it more mellow to make it with firewood? There was no technology for electric wok before, but now if it can be controlled, it is safer and more hygienic to use electric wok; in terms of food safety, firewood is traditionally not sanitary enough.

14: Why do tea farmers need to make pots twice when they are cooking tea?

When the pot is made, the tea heads of the green pots should be screened out. The pots of the green pots are high in moisture content, and the middle and lower sections are once cleaned, and the surface of the tea leaves is once, so the moisture content will be the same.

15: Improper picking operation, what is the impact on the quality of finished tea products?

Production is critical. If it is not cooked in time, the tea will change red. Green tea requires clear green leaves. If it is oxidized, the color will change red, which will also affect the quality of West Lake Longjing tea. Therefore, it is necessary to pay timely, especially when the weather is hot.

16: The temperature is not properly cooked, how to judge from the quality of tea?

The shape of the tea has a violent point, and there is a yellow bean scent, which is definitely too high; the temperature of the smear is low, the moisture can not be fried, the color is not good, the color is dark, and the brightness is not enough.

17: What is the chestnut fragrance and brown rice fragrance of West Lake Longjing?

Generally, West Lake Longjing tea, especially the tea before the Ming Dynasty, is not described by chestnut and brown rice. This is generally used to describe large green tea. West Lake Longjing Tea ranks among the best in green tea. Good green tea should be tender, fragrant and floral.

18: How is the review of West Lake Longjing actually carried out?

When the West Lake Longjing was reviewed, the shape was the first level, flat, sharp, straight, and fresh in color. In terms of aroma, the general West Lake Longjing tea is not only tender and fragrant, but also has a combination of floral and fragrant incense. It is a complex, full and full of aroma.

19: Some people drink the West Lake Longjing throat will feel very dry, is it a personal problem or a tea problem?

Everyone at West Lake Longjing Tea feels different and has a process of adaptation. Some people think that it is very bitter. The fact is that it is thick and sweet.

20: What kind of tea is best for the West Lake Longjing Tea?

The brewing of West Lake Longjing generally uses glass or porcelain cups.

21: Usually buy tea, how to distinguish between West Lake Longjing and other Longjing?

Now the West Lake Longjing, the green pot is often machine-made, the pot is made of handwork; when looking at the West Lake Longjing, the shape should not be too flat, too light, a little heavy, more substantial.

The shape of premium tea is straight and sharp, and the color is fresh and not dark.

West Lake Longjing is also very different from other Longjing. West Lake Longjing is very dry, with bright color and fresh activity. It is heavy, heavy and can’t be light. If the whole process is machine-cooked, it should be tea from other producing areas.

22: How much temperature is suitable for storing Longjing tea?

The storage temperature of Longjing tea is generally below 5 °C. If you put it below 0 °C, the tea that has been put for three years can be very fresh.

23: How long does it take for the freshly brewed tea to be stored, and it is best to take it out and taste it?

Today’s tea farmers are often sold today, often sold out, often not dry enough, get home, it is best to take the lime to collect, in general, after half a month the aroma will come out, then this tea is very good.

If you want to drink the New Year, you hope that the time is also very fresh, it is best to refrigerate. The temperature is set below 5 °C, the tea is packaged into small packages and then packaged separately in plastic bags. Don’t take them out often. When you want to drink, take another bag and take it out. This way, when you drink in the New Year, tea. The taste is still very good.