How to Properly Brew Pu’er Tea

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How to Properly Brew Pu’er Tea

What we want to share with you today is the correct brewing method for Pu’er tea. The quality of a cup of tea is not only inseparable from the quality of the tea, but also depends on the method of brewing. Here we take a look at the right method of brewing.


To make a good cup of Pu’er tea, we need to control the water temperature, the amount of tea, and the brewing time, these three points must complement each other. In the case of a certain amount of tea and the temperature of the brewing water, the longer the brewing time is, the thicker the tea will be. When the water temperature and the brewing time are certain, the more the amount of tea to be poured, the stronger the taste of the tea. When the amount of tea and the brewing time are constant, the higher the water temperature, the stronger the taste of the tea.

Steps for brewing Pu’er tea:

1. Boil the water to 100°C, warm the tea with boiling water, then pour it out immediately. You can smell the aroma of the leaves. If not, you can repeat the warm tea and wait until the aroma is pure and then brew.

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2. The number of warm teas is controlled 1-2 times. The action of warm tea is faster, otherwise it will affect the taste of tea soup.

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3. The amount of tea to be poured depends on your taste preference. You want to drink less light tea and drink more tea.

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4. The brewing time is controlled in one minute, and then it can be poured into a fair cup. The bottom of the leaf can also be brewed, and the number and time of brewing can be extended gradually.

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Pu’er tea is more resistant to other types of tea, and the taste of tea is usually reduced to 8 to 10 times. It is not recommended to brew any more tea after that.

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