How to Keep Green Tea

green tea keep

How to Keep Green Tea

Green tea is not fermented tea, so the active ingredients in tea are kept more, although there is a good health effect, the storage period is not long, so the daily life should be kept good green tea, prolong its shelf life. So, how can green tea be preserved? Then let’s take a look at the preservation of green tea.
green tea keep
1. Storage method of the plastic bag and aluminum foil bag
Tea can be wrapped in soft paper in advance and put in a food bag. After the tea is loaded, the air in the bag is extruded as far as possible. It is best to choose high density, high pressure, thick, good strength, no smell, and sealed plastic bags. Do not use flavored or remanufactured plastic bags.
2. Metal canned storage method
Use tin cans, stainless steel cans or tightly packed tin cans of green tea. If it is a newly bought jar, or a pot that has been stored for other items, you can put a little tea at the end of the pot, cover the lid, shake the wall up and down, and discard it and remove the odor.
Do not put it in a place with direct sunlight, odor, humidity, and heat source. Therefore, iron cans are not easy to rust, and can also slow down aging and deterioration of green tea.
3. Cryogenic storage method
Green tea is packed in high density, high pressure, thick, strong, no odor food packaging bag, the green tea storage environment is kept below 5 degrees Celsius, that is, the use of cold storage or frozen storage green tea.
The use of this method should be paid attention to: the storage period of six months, the cold temperature to maintain 0~5 degrees centigrade is the most economical and effective; the storage period for more than half a year, to freeze (-10 to -18 degrees centigrade) better.
This method has long preservation time and good effect, but the bag mouth must be firmly sealed and sealed, otherwise, it will regain moisture or smell, but it will damage the quality of green tea.

green tea store

The health effect of green tea:
(1)delaying senescence: tea contains a substance called tea polyphenols, which has strong physiological activity and antioxidation, so it can effectively resist aging, and tea can be regarded as a natural scavenger of human free radicals.
(2)to inhibit the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: This is because tea polyphenols can promote the body’s fat metabolism, drinking green tea can prevent heart and brain blood vessels.
(3)prevention of cancer: tea polyphenols can prevent many kinds of carcinogenic melodies from being produced in the body, and it has a certain lethality for various cancer cells.
(4)anti-inflammatory and antidiarrheal: tea polyphenols have a very obvious killing, inhibition of the role of the virus. People have used it in the treatment of influenza, dysentery and other diseases, the effect is very good.
(5)beauty: the main method is to use it to wash the face, so that it can play the effect of oil control and shrinkage pores, can prevent skin aging, to reduce the damage of ultraviolet to the skin,it also has a very good effect.
(6)refreshing mind: tea contains a certain amount of caffeine, caffeine can enhance the excitement of the cerebral cortex, promote the nerve center in the state of excitement, to achieve a clear, refreshing effect.
(7) protect the teeth: tea is an alkaline drink, and it contains a certain amount of fluorine, which can reduce the body’s absorption of calcium, so it has a good effect on preventing dental caries and protecting teeth.

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