Henan Xinyang Maojian welcomes the picking season

xinyang maojian

Henan Xinyang Maojian welcomes the picking season

The spring is full of flowers, and the tea is the most popular. At the end of March, with the rising temperature, “China’s Maojian Capital” Henan Xinyang ushered in the spring tea picking season.

On the morning of the 28th, in the Wanmu Ecological Park of Wenxin Tea Village, Caohegang Town, Luohe District, the main producing area and core production area of Xinyang, the green tea ridges are undulating with the terrain, and the green shoots are filled with tea branches, 2019. The China Xinyang Maojian Mining Ceremony and the 8th Wenxinchun Tea Festival were held here. This marks the beginning of the full-scale mining period of Xinyang Maojian, and Xinyang Maojian Chuncha 0 ushered in a large-scale listing.

Xinyang is a major tea industry in the country and an important source of Chinese tea and a major producer of green tea. Its abundance of Xinyang Maojian is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It has the unique style of “fine, round, light, straight, more white, fragrant, rich, and green”, and is known as the “king of green tea”. It is popular in China and enjoys a high reputation in the world.

The 10,000-acre tea garden in spring is full of green mountains and fresh tea leaves. The scenery is charming and the tea is full of fragrance. At the mining ceremony, tea-growing workers dressed in various costumes were grouped in groups of three, and the hand-held tea pots were gathered in front of the tea trees. Only the hands were turned up and down, and the tea tips were skillfully put into the tea pots. The first batch of this year was picked. Spring tea.

“We are mainly picking tea buds with one bud and one bud and one bud and two leaves. This kind of tea has the best quality.” Wang Dafang, a tea picker from Luannan County, Zhumadian City, told reporters that this is her 12th year of Xinyang mining. Tea, through tea picking, not only learned to identify the quality of Xinyang Maojian, but also get a lot of income every year.

Xinyang Maojian
The annual Xinyang Maojian picking season, beautiful countryside, lively tea mountain, but also rich in tea town. According to official data, there are 2.1 million mu of tea gardens in the city, with an economic scale of more than 10 billion yuan and more than 1 million tea-related personnel. The per capita tea consumption of tea farmers in the city exceeds 5,500 yuan. Tea has become the “golden leaf” for farmers in Xinyang Mountain Area to get rid of poverty.

“A small tea has made a big industry, benefiting one of the people, holding the Xinyang Maojian mining ceremony and the Wenxinchun Tea Festival. It is to make the Xinyang tea industry bigger and stronger, and to brighten the golden signboard of Xinyang Maojian. It is even louder, let the tea villages beautiful, and let the tea farmers get rich.” As the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization developed by Xinyang, Liu Wenxin, chairman of the National People’s Congress and chairman of Xinyang Wenxin Tea Co., Ltd. said.

According to Qi Xiaobin, secretary of the Party Committee of Xinhe District, Xinyang City, as of now, the existing tea garden in Luohe District covers an area of 600,000 mu, the total output of tea is 38,000 tons, the comprehensive economic value of tea is 7 billion yuan, and it has the national agricultural industrialization leading. There are 2 enterprises, 6 provincial level and 24 municipal level. The tea industry has become an important pillar industry and a new economic growth point in the rural areas of the Luohe District. The role of the tea industry in precision poverty alleviation and rural revitalization is further highlighted.

It is understood that Xinyang Maojian has been among the top ten public brands in China’s tea region for 9 consecutive years, with a brand value of 6.352 billion yuan.


Source of the article (Zhongxin Net Xinyang March 28th)

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