Go! Drink Longjing tea to go!

Longjing Tea

Go! Drink Longjing tea to go!

Longjing tea tree that has slept all winter
Wake up in the hustle and bustle of the West Lake
It’s another year to drink Mingqian tea.
The world’s tea customers look forward to the fresh mouth

However, do you know the legendary “West Lake Longjing”, which block is it from?

The important thing is to say three times. After all, not all “Longjing” is called “West Lake Longjing”!
There are many Longjing, but only the core production area, namely: Longjing, a first-grade protection area within 50 square kilometers around West Lake, is the authentic West Lake Longjing!

West Lake Longjing Production Area

Today, I understand the tea garden of the tea farmer Huang Shiyu, which is located at No. 10, East of Litongwu Road, Longwu Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou.
Well, absolutely – the core production area!

Tea farmer Huang Shiyu's tea gardenThe air here is warm and fertile, and it is more than ten kilometers away from the main city.


Tea picking

Tea picking is a craft. Is the finger too thick? No!

Tea pickingBefore the Ming tea, the buds are new, especially delicate.
The tea workers pick tea up the mountain at 5 o’clock in the morning. They must use the thumb and forefinger to carefully pinch the tea buds and gently gently pick them. In order to keep the tea green and transparent.

One leaf and one bud, a skilled hand picks up to four or five pounds a day, and every 4-5 pounds of tea can only cook 1 kilogram of dry tea.


Handmade tea

Hand-fired at a high temperature of 200 ° C, this is the charming fragrance!

Of course, three-point look at tea green, seven points to see the speculators, when the green, the authentic tea people will adjust the strength of the hand at any time according to the state of the tea.
It’s a little bit worse, it won’t work!

Handmade tea

The 56-year-old Huang Shiyu is a native of the West Lake Longwu, who produces tea for generations.
Since the age of 15, he has been learning tea in the production team. His wife is also a master of fried tea, and also won the prize in the local tea competition.

High-end Longjing must be hand-fired, but it requires not only technology but also physical strength.
200 ° C high temperature, can not wear gloves, because Lao Huang said –
“Only you can feel the temperature and strength better with your bare hands!”

Ask him: Is it hot?
In fact, almost all the tea farmers answered the same question about this issue –
“After year after year, it is also resistant to high temperatures!”

Handmade tea

The tea that had just been picked up in the morning was still stained with dew. In the hands of the tea farmers, the leaves and leaves of the green leaves were volatilized in the air. At this moment, breathing, the tea fragrance drifted into the heart of the nose.

Huang Shiyu said: “The amount of manual frying can not be much, only about 2 or so. More, uneven heat; less, overheated. Only experienced tea farmers can get the weight of this.”

Therefore, the Longjing tea in Ming Dynasty is fine, fresh and full of aura.


Brewing Longjing Tea

Huang Shiyu said: The tea cup of the bubble dragon well can’t use the slender glass cup, the heat preservation cup is even worse! These containers dissipate slowly, not only can not produce tea, but also let the tea release the “bitter cold”.

Therefore, it is necessary to use an open porcelain enamel. Is it as shown, remember?

Teacup of Longjingjing

Between words, he has brewed a cup of tea for us.

“Longjing tea, tea does not have to put too much, once 1 gram of athlete’s foot.” Huang Shiyu side reminded us, while using the first boiling water along the cup wall buffer, the tea leaves slowly swirling into the bottom of the cup, tea Overflowing.

Brewing Longjing Tea

“Don’t use tea directly to make tea!” He especially yelled at us. “When the temperature of the tea drops to about 60°C, you can taste it, drink tea, just like wine tasting, let the tea circle in the mouth. , swallow again”

A small 1 gram of tea, after repeated drinking of five or six bubbles, the taste of tea is still full and rich…


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