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Martin Luther King once said, “I have a dream, and what I do is to realize this dream.” Our dream has always been to “promote Chinese tea to the world and let the world love Chinese tea.”

If you are a tea lover who is willing to share our love of Chinese tea, we are very willing to send you a free sample of Chinese tea.

Yes, no cost, Chinese tea sample free, transportation free. (From China to your home).

How to get our free tea samples (about 50 grams)?

We have a unique request: After you receive a sample order and taste it, you need write a post reviews it in your blog or Other tea related forums (if you do not have your blog) and other tea lovers share your experience .Don’t forget to include a link to the related product or category page.

If you are willing to do so, you only need to fill in the form below to get our free sample of tea.

(Of course, we want you to be a tea lover. Please fill in the true and effective information. If you are a tea expert or a epicure , We will send you regular samples of our new tea or more upscale samples.)

(Because we mailed a lot of samples, many people did not do this. So we are starting the information review policy, and if your information is approved, you will receive a response from us. Please fill in the true and effective information)

The purpose of collecting these messages is to send you tea products. AprTea Mall promises to protect your privacy. We will never sell or provide your personal information or e-mail address to any third party.

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Oolong Tea
Tie Guan YinDa Hong PaoFenghuang DancongZhang Ping Shui Xian
Green Tea
LongjingBiluochunHuangshan MaofengLiu An Gua Pian
Black Tea
Lapsang SouchongJin Jun MeiKeemun Black TeaYunnan Dianhong
Dark Tea
White Tea
Yellow Tea