Four Common Techniques for Selecting Pu-erh Tea


Four Common Techniques for Selecting Pu-erh Tea

How do you choose Pu-erh Tea? Drinking tea culture in China has a long history. Drinking tea can not only satisfy our material needs, but also satisfy our spiritual needs. Pu-erh Tea is one of the popular varieties of tea nowadays. Do you know how to pick good Pu-erh Tea? Let’s get to know it.

How to choose Pu-erh Tea?  

1. Appearance

When choosing Pu-erh Tea, we should first look at the appearance, see whether the strip is intact, whether the tea is old or tender, the older leaves will be bigger, and the young leaves will be thinner. If the appearance of the tea cake can not be seen clearly, then it may be a secondary product.


2. Color and lustre

We should also examine carefully whether the color of Pu-erh Tea is deep or light, and how it glossiness. Authentic Pu-erh tea is dark brown, if it is more than five years old tea will have a dark red color.

3. Soup color  

When choosing Pu-erh tea, it is best to take a small amount of tea to make tea. The tea soup with good quality Pu-erh tea is transparent and shiny, and the tea soup has a film similar to oil bead shape. Pu-erh tea with poor quality will be black and black.

Soup color

4. Aroma    

When you choose to buy Pu-erh tea, you have to smell it. Good quality Pu-erh tea has a clear fragrance, and old tea will have a unique flavor. It is a kind of sweet taste.


If you purchase the tea cake,you should also pay attention to the quality of the tea cake, such as the internal and external quality such as one, some bad merchants in the tea cake mixed with poor quality tea cause “cover tea”.

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