Drinking Green Tea Can Lose Weight

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Drinking Green Tea Can Lose Weight

Drinking green tea really makes it easy to lose weight. Not long ago, researchers found that Green Tea contains catechins, effectively reducing the fat.

Visceral fat is a dangerous fat. It mainly exists in the abdominal cavity and grows in the body, but visceral fat can be seen from the belly and waist. Compared with the fat accumulated in other parts of the body, abdominal fat is more likely to cause metabolic disorders and cardiovascular complications, including coronary heart disease and diabetes. Experts pointed out that experimental data confirm catechin in green tea has significant effect on fat metabolism, especially the elimination of abdominal fat.
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The subjects were 182 overweight men and women, who were randomly divided into 4 groups. After 12 weeks of regular diet and rest flow of tea drinks with different catechins, 440 milligrams of catechins were consumed daily, the waist circumference decreased by 1 cm and the visceral fat decreased by 4 square centimeters; the people who took 880 mg of catechins each day reduced 2 cm in the waist circumference and 6 c㎡ in the visceral fat.
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Catechin is conducive to reducing the fat
Catechin has high content in green tea, it is colorless, water-soluble compound, slightly bitter and astringent. It has long been considered as a natural antioxidant, and it can protect the body from the damage of free radicals. In recent years, it has been found that catechins can pass through the blood to the whole body, enhance the oxidation and energy consumption of fat to inhibit the effect of obesity and suppress the visceral fat, and thus reduce the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.
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Catechin can be widely consumed through food, such as tea, apple, grape, wine and cocoa beverage. In many green tea market, the green tea drinks produced in China and Taiwan contain 20 to 70 mg of catechin every 200 milliliters, and the tea drinks sold in the European market contain about 90 milligrams of catechins per 200 milliliters. That is to say, tea drinks in Europe contain more catechin.

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