Chinese Dotinghu Biluochun Tea

Biluochun Introduction

Biluochun (碧螺春) is a traditional Chinese tea, one of China's top ten famous tea, belongs to the category of green tea, Biluochun tea has more than 1,000 years of history, the earliest local folk called it Dongting tea, also known as scared incense. According to legend, a nun travels on the mountain, easily pick a few pieces of tea, tea smells fragrant, blurting "incense scared", which locals called the tea "scared incense." Biluochun is produced in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Taihu Lake Wu county at east Dongting and West Dongting Hill (now Suzhou Wuzhong District), it is also known as "Dongting Biluochun."

It was classified as tribute in Tang Dynasty, ancient people also called Biluochun as "Kung Fu tea", "new blood tea." Senior Biluochun tea bud delicate 0.5 kilograms of dry tea needs 6-7 million tea buds. After the dry fried tea tasted tight knot, white cents revealed, silver color, green and attractive, curly into a spiral, produced in the spring, hence named "Biluochun." After this cup of tea brewing clouds tumble, fragrance penetration, is China's famous tea. The main process is fixing, rolling, rubbing Mission significantly, drying.


Biluochun green tea is one of the representative products, according to Chinese medicine and modern pharmacology on the health effects of tea that: tea is bitter, sweet, cool, people, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, five books. Bitter tea can diarrhea, dry dampness, lower fire; sweet to replenish ease; cool heat purging fire table. Tea contains a large number of compounds that are good for human health. Such as: catechins, vitamin C, A, caffeine, flavanols, tea polyphenols and so on

Biluochun brewing method

Biluochun brewing method according to different types of tea, there are different bubble method:

One, Tea with tight and heavy solid

  1. after the hot cup, pouring the water with the right temperature into the cup, and then take tea into the cup, without cap.
  2.  after a period of time, you can tea until tea cools to palatability. This is first brewing. In the view of Tea, 5 minutes as the standard, the temperature of tea drinking and smelling are 45 - 55 ℃ if the temperature is above 60 ℃ , is also burning nose and mouth; less than 40 ℃, the aroma is lower, the taste is more astringent. This time is not easy to grasp. If use glass cup, we generally hold the tea with the hand, feel the temperature suitable for drinking; if use tureen, then pour a little tea to the back of the hand to check its temperature.
  3. the first brewing of tea, the remaining one-third of tea, you can continue to pour water. This is the second brewing. If the thin tea, tea is brewed two times, the tongue back sweet after drinking, tooth and cheek remains incense, immeasurable taste. Drink to the third brewing, the taste of tea generally has been light.

Two. Tea with a loose bar

  1. after the hot cup, take tea into the cup. At this time, the cup with higher temperature has faint tea fragrance.
  2.  Pouring into the water with suitable temperature, to one-third of the capacity of the cup (also less, but to cover tea). This tea itself is more stretch, without the use of water momentum, but easily scalded leaves. The solution is to use a glass cup, for example, water is poured along the edge of the cup, and the lid is then attached to the side of the cup in turn, filling the lid with water and sliding it down the edge of the cup. Then quietly shake the cup, make tea full infiltration.
  3. Waiting for about two minutes, until dry tea absorbed water and stretch, then flush to full. Flush method as before. At this time, tea is wandering and floating, or wandering between the ups and downs, with unique tea fun.

How to brew Dongting Biluochun Tea ?

How to identify Biluochun good or bad?

See the appearance and color: Bilochun tea without pigment color is more soft natural pigment, and Bilochun tea with pigment looks bright and green colors, with obvious coloring.

See the tea color: brewed Biluochun with boiling water, add no color soup, it looks more clear and soft, bright yellow, tea soup which added pigment looks bright color, obviously green.

Shape characteristics: The cable is thin, curly, spiral, hairs all over the body, silver green , no wind reveals, tea bud tender, complete, without petioles, no "pants petiole feet", and old yellow leaves.

Intrinsic characteristics:There is a special strong aroma, that is, with floral fragrance. After brewing it openly, the taste of fresh alcohol, sweet and memorable aftertaste, green color and tidy soup, young bud early open, bud big leaf is small. Authenticity in the identification, available genuine control, the tea which do not have the above characteristics can be considered counterfeit goods.