Cross-Strait Tea Expo will be held soon

Cross-Strait Tea Expo will be held soon

Cross-Strait Tea Expo: To further build the development platform of Fujian tea industry, launch the tea brand, build a strong tea province in Fujian, promote the construction of the economic zone on the west side of the Straits and agricultural cooperation and exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. Fujian Province decided to hold the strait from 2007. Cross-Strait Tea Expo

The Press Office of the Fujian Provincial People’s Government held a press conference. The 12th Cross-Strait Tea Industry Expo will be held in Wuyishan City from November 16th to 18th. As one of the highlights of this year’s tea fair, the 2nd China (Wuyi) Ecological Food Expo will be unveiled in Luguang County, Nanping City on November 14th, and the first China Eco-Food Harvest Festival will be held in the same period.

Get Together Wuyi, Tea and the world

The theme of this year’s tea fair is “Get Together Wuyi, Tea and the World”, with the theme of “tea culture”, “tea health”, “tea utensils”, “tea food”, “tea equipment” and “tea tourism”. For the content, highlight the green development concept of “Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan”, accelerate the pace of green industry development, and strive to achieve a green and strong city, green and rich. The tea fair held exhibitions and exhibitions, and invited more than 4,000 VIP buyers. The exhibition area is 43,000 square meters. There are 1278 standard booths, including 23,000 square meters of Taiwei Scenic Exhibition Center. There are 764 booths; Kaijie Rock Tea City covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters and has 514 standard booths.

Wu Bin, member of the Standing Committee of the Nanping Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, introduced the famous tea enterprises of the tea-producing regions of the country to participate in the tea fair, and invited the top ten famous teas in China, the well-known Chinese trademarks, and the leading enterprises above the provincial level. . This year’s tea fair also set up a tea product marketing and promotion platform, actively promoted the convergence of production and marketing, and circulated the circulation channels, and continued to carry out the evaluation of Wuyi Rock Tea (affordable high-quality tea), “visiting 100 companies” and the series of tea-walking experience activities. Increase the exchanges and interactions between exhibitors and buyers and distributors, and strive to enhance the popularity of the Dahongpao brand and further expand the marketization and commercialization of tea.

The 14th China Tea Economic Conference was unveiled at the same time in Wuyishan

Following the fourth annual China Tea Economics Annual Conference in 2008, this year Wuyishan once again hosted the annual meeting of the “Guo Zihao” industry association. The 14th China Tea Economic Conference will showcase the latest achievements of China’s tea industry and promote tea exchanges with the theme of “Prosperity of Industry, Brand Development, Drunk Beauty, Wuyi, Tea World”, and invite the national tea industry elites, well-known scholars and enterprises. The total number of CEOs is 1,000. During the annual meeting, the China Tea Circulation Association Council will be held to hold the 2018 China Tea Industry Development Forum, organize visits to the ecological tea garden, carry out the “tea garden tea” activities, and investigate the development of the tea industry in each county (city, district). At the same time, the “Zhengshantang Cup” National Tea Culture Couplet Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition and the “Most Beautiful Wuyi Tea” Photography Exhibition were held.

The 2nd China (Wuyi) Ecological Food Expo debuted

The 2nd China (Wuyi) Ecological Food Expo, with the theme of “Ecological Food, Taste and Gloss”, set up 380 booths in the Guangze County Sports Center, displaying “Wuyi Shanshui” famous wines and foods, domestic brand foods, “One Belt and One Road” Food and video support, etc., invited VIP buyers 500, to promote the promotion of famous foods by the county (city, district), to hold the road discussion of Wuyi ecological food industry development in China, the special promotion of Wuyi famous wine in Weibei and the special order fair for exhibitors. The Weibei Famous Snack Food Festival and the “Top Ten Top Ten” video selection awards event, as well as the China Eco-Food Famous City Calligraphy Exhibition. The first China Eco-Food Harvest Festival was held in the same period, and the Harvest Music Festival was launched.

In addition, this year’s tea fair will also hold cross-strait investment briefings and project signing ceremony, Happy Tea Festival, cross-strait folk tea fighting competition, “Zhuzi’s hometown, Damei Wuyi” five hundred propaganda Wuyishan activities, “Wanli Tea Ceremony” “Arts Exhibition, “Home has a good tea” square exhibition and “Spring Buddhism” charity sale activities, Taiwan Union 2018 cross-strait marriage family tea culture industry workshops and other activities.

The tea fair will be organized by the Taiwan Central Committee, the National Taiwan Federation, the China Tea Circulation Association, the Cross-Strait Tea Industry Association, the China International Tea Culture Research Association, the China Tea People Association, the Overseas Chinese Tea Development Research Foundation, the Taiwan Farmers Association, etc. Sponsored by the five major associations of Taiwan and the People’s Government of Nanping City, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council is the support unit and the Wuyishan Municipal People’s Government. At present, all preparatory work is in progress.

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