Yellow Tea

Chinese Yellow Tea

Yellow Tea Introduction

Yellow tea [ 黄茶, huáng chá ] is a Chinese specialty.Yellow tea is a light-fermented tea, the processing technology is similar to green tea, just before or after the drying process, adding a “boring yellow” process, to promote its polyphenols chlorophyll and other substances partially oxidized. Its processing method is similar to green tea, its production process is: fresh leaves to kill green rolling – boring yellow, dry. Yellowing green, rolling, drying and other processes are similar to the green tea method, the most important process is boring yellow, which is the key to the characteristics of yellow tea, the main approach is to reach and crumple the tea wrapped in paper, use wet cloth to cover after the accumulation for dozens of minutes or a few hours, prompting the dhool of non-enzymatic autoxidation of hydrothermal effect, the formation of yellow.

According to the size of fresh leaves old buds, they are divided into yellow bud tea, yellow small tea and yellow big tea. Yellow bud tea mainly has Junshan silver needles (君山银针), Meng Ding yellow bud (蒙顶黄芽) and Huoshan yellow bud (霍山黄芽), Yuanan yellow tea (远安黄茶); Yangshan Maojian (沩山毛尖), Pingyang yellow soup (平阳黄汤), Ya’an yellow tea (雅安黄茶) are yellow small tea.

And Anhui Jinzhai, Huoshan, Hubei Yingshan and Guangdong Dayeqing has the yellow big tea. The quality of yellow tea is “yellow leaf and water.” Hunan Yueyang is the hometown of yellow tea in China.

Health care function

Refreshing, eliminating fatigue, digestion and other stagnation. It is the most beneficial to the spleen and stomach, the people who is in indigestion, loss of appetite, lazy moving obese can drink it.

Yellow tea Effect

  1. Yellow tea is retting tea, in the process of retting, will produce a lot of digestive enzymes, It is the most beneficial to the spleen and stomach, the people who is in indigestion, loss of appetite, lazy moving obese can drink it.
  2. Nano-yellow tea can better play the function of the original yellow tea, nano-yellow tea penetrate more fat cells, so that fat cells in the digestive enzymes restore metabolic function, then remove the fat.
  3. The use of yellow tea roots is used to massage the two doors acupuncture point (at this section of ring finger) allows trace elements penetrate the acupuncture points, enhance the acupuncture magnetic field regulation, increase fat metabolism.
  4. Yellow tea is rich in tea polyphenols, amino acids, soluble sugars, vitamins and other rich nutrients, have significant effects on prevention and treatment of esophageal cancer.
  5. In addition, natural leaves of yellow tea leaves retain more than 85% of natural substances, and these substances have special effects on cancer prevention, anti-cancer, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory which are less than other tea leaves.