Chinese Wuzhou Liu Bao Dark Tea “LaoChaPo” Brick Tea 2013 Grade One


Chinese Wuzhou Liu Bao Dark Tea “LaoChaPo” Brick Tea 2013 Grade One

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Qianhe (芊河)  Wuzhou Liu Bao Dark Tea “LaoChaPo” Brick Tea 2013 Grade One

“LaoChaPo”:LaoChaPo (Old tea woman,老茶婆), It is the honorary name of Liubao people on the old tea leaves in the tea tree. Add an “old” word in front, does not mean old tea with years, it refers to the old leaves. Nowadays, densely planted tea gardens usually pick old leaves that were left in the same year; and some wild stocking tea trees on the mountain, It is done by picking leaves that have been at least two or three years old. The fragrant and sweet taste is the most unique and original taste of Liubao LaoChaPo, This tea, even if you drink the last one, its aroma and sweetness still exist, boiled in an iron pot, can drink for a day.

Liu Bao Dark Tea

Liu Bao Dark Tea

Liu Bao Dark Tea

Liu Bao Dark Tea

Liu Bao Dark Tea

Guangxi Qianhe Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd. is a key leading enterprise in Wuzhou City, Guangxi, which integrates the cultivation and production of Liupao Tea, the deep processing of tea and the development of tea culture and tourism.

Qianhe Liu bao Tea

LaoChaPo drinking method:

First, the brewing method: Therefore, the tea is old and the tea is released slowly, so the amount of tea should be increased. It is generally recommended to use a teapot of 150CC or more to brew. The amount of tea thrown is about 5-8 grams of 100CC. In the form of infusion method, you can taste the different soup colors and aromas of each bubble. The tea soup that this method rushes out, each bubble has a different color, from golden to ruby red. (Do not use the cover bowl, heat dissipation is not insulated).

Second, boiled tea method: use pottery glass boiled water, boiled, this method is more mellow, more fragrant, but lacks fresh, but it is the oldest brewing method. This method can also be used for the old tea or old tea fruit after the brewing method, and can be brewed once again, and the food is loved, and Moga is wasted. At this time, many of the brews that have not been released will also be aroma. Released by boiling tea at high temperature. When cooking tea, the tea is heated to boiling with water. After about 1-2 minutes of boiling, the heating can be stopped and allowed to slowly soak.


Additional information


Grade one


Liupao Town, Cangwu, Wuzhou

Tea water

Clear yellow


Smooth and sweet

Storage method

store in cool, dry place away from sunlight; keep ventilated,odor-free

Shelf Life

the aged the better


every brick 500g


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