Chinese Wuyi Jin Jun Mei Black Tea Special Grade

Chinese Wuyi Jin Jun Mei Black Tea Special Grade

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Chinese Wuyi Jin Jun Mei Black Tea Special Grade

Wuyi Jin Jun Mei (金骏眉):Every 500g of Jinjun Mei tea needs tens of thousands of fresh shoots of tea buds, picking the fresh tea buds of the mountain original ecological species in Wuyishan Nature Reserve, to be completed through a series of complex withering, shaking, fermentation, rolling and other processing steps. The appearance of Jinjun Mei tea is small and tight. The color is gold, yellow, black and white. Golden for the tea fluff, buds, tight tight knot, round and straight, light body weight, uniform. Open Tang golden color, water with sweet, sweet through the incense, the bottom of the flower fruity display was unable to imitate and beyond the rare quality. Special aroma, dry tea fragrance; hot soup pure and refreshing; warm soup (45 ℃ or so) maturity and delicate; cold soup clear and elegant, high and lasting. Both hot and cold drinks are smooth, with “clear, and, alcohol, thick, fragrant” features. Even brewed 12 times, the mouth is still full of sweet, after the end of the leaves stretch, sprouts fresh, beautiful show.

Wuyi Jin Jun Mei

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Special Grade


sweet and mellow

Tea soup color

orange red translucent

Storage method


Shelf Life

More than 36 months


50g, 100g, 250g, 500g


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