Chinese Wuyi dahongpao Rock tea Low fire Special Grade

Chinese Wuyi dahongpao Rock tea Low fire Special Grade

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Chinese Wuyi dahongpao Rock tea Low fire Special Grade

Low fire da hong pao tea: the tea taste is lightly, the aroma is heavy. The taste is fresh, is popular by many women who like Light fragrance, if you like to drink Tieguanyin tea, you are more likely to accept it.

Wuyi Rock tea:Wuyi Rock tea is a traditional Chinese tea, is a kind of oolong tea with a rock rhyme (rock bone flowers) quality features. Produced in the Wuyi mountain in North Fujian “beautiful south-east” , the tea trees were growing in crack among. Wuyi Rock tea has a fragrance of green tea, the sweet taste of black tea , is Chinese oolong tea in Need. Wuyi Rock tea is semi-fermented green tea, its production method is between green tea and black tea. The most famous tea is the Wuyi Da Hong Pao tea.

dahongpao 007

dahongpao 007

dahongpao 007

Additional information


Special Grade


tight knot, more sturdy, slightly twisted


treasure color and oily


sharp, strong


clear mellow, sweet and cool solid, has fragrance at bottom of the cup

Tea color

clear, bright, dark orange

Tea leaves outlay

soft and bright uniform, red edge or with vermilion

Storage method


Shelf Life

More than 36 months


50g, 100g, 250g, 500g


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