White Tea

Chinese White tea

White tea Introduction

White tea [白茶, bái chá] belongs to micro fermented tea, is a famous traditional tea made by Chinese tea farmers. It is one of the six major Chinese teas. It refers to a kind of tea which is without fixing or rolling after picked, only processed after dried by sun or slow fire. It has a full bud with Pekoe. Tea aroma is fresh. Tea water is clear yellow and green and tastes delicate, sweetly refreshing.

It belongs to micro fermented tea, is a special treasure in Chinese tea. As the finished tea is mostly bud head, the surface is full of Pekoe, its color is white and silver, so named White Hair Silver Needle.

Its origin is Fujian province, the main producing areas are Fuding, Zhenghe, Songxi, Jianyang, Jinggu in Yunan and other places. The basic process includes withering and baking (or dried), picking tick, fire and other processes. The main process of Yunnan white tea is sun drying. The advantage of drying tea lies in the taste of tea to maintain the original fragrance. Withering is the key process of forming white tea quality.

The making process of white tea is the most natural. Taking the fresh tea thinly spread on the bamboo mat and placed in the faint sunlight or indoor room with good ventilation and light transmission effect, let it wither naturally. When dried to seventy or eighty percent of degree of dryness, then slowly dry with a slow fire. Because the manufacturing process is simple, the processing is done with the least number of steps.

The surface of finished white tea is full of Pekoe with light fresh taste and tea aroma. The main feature is the white silver hair, known as the "green makeup wrapped" beauty. It has fat bud, yellow bright tea water, fresh taste, fat and tender tea leaves. It tastes sweet and mellow after brewing. It can also play a pharmacological role. The nature of white tea is cold with antipyretic effect.

White Tea Efficacy

The efficacy of white tea is very good. It has many effects such as alleviating a hangover, dispelling the effects of alcohol, clearing heat, moistening lung, calming the liver, benefiting the blood, diminishing inflammation, detoxing the body, lowering blood pressure, reducing fat, eliminating fatigue. Especially, it has a unique, superb health care role for physical discomfort, digestive dysfunction and other symptoms caused by excessive alcohol and tobacco, excessive greasy and anger.

White tea Treating measles

White tea can be used to prevent cancer and sunstroke, detoxify and treat toothache. In particular, aged white tea can be used as an antipyretic drug for young children with measles, and its antipyretic effect is better than antibiotics. It is widely regarded as a good medicine for curing measles in North of China and Fujian province. Therefore, the Qing Dynasty celebrity Zhou Lianggong wrote in the "Fujian small note": white tea is produced in Taimu Mountain Hongxue cave, its nature is cold, its function is same as rhinoceros horn, is effective medicine for curing measles.

White tea Promoting blood sugar balance

In addition to the inherent nutrition of other teas, white tea also contains essential active enzymes for the human body. Long-term drinking white tea can significantly improve the activity of internal lipoproteinlipase, promote catabolism of fat, effectively control insulin secretion, delay the intestinal absorption of grape powder, decompose the excess sugar in the blood, promote the balance of blood and sugar. White tea contains many kinds of amino acids, its nature is cold, has the efficacy of antipyretic and detoxification.

White tea Benefiting the eyes

The longer is the storage time of white tea, the higher is its medicinal value. White tea also contains vitamin A former, it is absorbed by the body, it can quickly converted into vitamin A which can synthesize rhodopsin and make the eyes look more clearly in the dark light, it can prevent night blindness and dry eye. At the same time, white tea has anti radiation substances, has a significant protective effect on the hematopoietic function of the human body, can reduce the harm of television radiation.

White tea Protecting liver

Flavonoids such as dihydromyricetin, which are rich in white tea, can protect the liver, accelerate the rapid decomposition of ethanol metabolite acetaldehyde into non-toxic substances, reducing damage to the liver cells. On the other hand, dihydromyricetin can improve the activity of serum lactate dehydrogenase induced by hepatocyte injury and inhibit the formation of collagen fibers in hepatic M cells to play the role of liver protection, greatly reduce the damage of ethanol on the liver and restore the normal state of the liver. Moreover, dihydromyricetin works rapidly, and the effect is lasting, is a good products for hangover and sober up.