Chinese Anxi Tieguanyin Oolong Tea Faint scent type Xiaozheng Grade Two


Chinese Anxi Tieguanyin Oolong Tea Faint scent type Xiaozheng Grade Two

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Chinese Anxi Tie guan yin Oolong Tea Faint scent type Xiaozheng Grade Two

Faint scent type (Qingxiang) Tie guan yin:mouth feel is relatively light and your tongue can feels slightly sweet like fragrant floral, the color is green with clear water.

Xiaozheng (消正 Eliminat Green and fried ) Tie guan yin:Tie guan yin Xiaozheng is the modern lightly fermented production process, the color of Xiaozheng Tie guan yin is generally dry tea and greenish yellow,the color vividness is generally high. The first tea color is weak, the next tea color is clear dihydrate, trihydrate is most strengthened. The tea fragrance is slightly elegant and close to fried Tieguanyin.

Xiaozheng Tieguanyin

Xiaozheng Tieguanyin

Xiaozheng Tieguanyin

Tieguanyin tea brewing method:(Different water temperature and brewing time,Friends can be adjusted,Like the heavy taste of brewing time can be a little bit longer)

First step: washing cups

Wash the cups with boiling water and increased tea cup temperature

Second step: dropping tea

Put the tea leaves into the cups, the quantity of tea can based on personal preferences,

Third step: pouring water

Pouring the boiling water into the tea cups, brew the tea water until emitted tea fragrance

Fourth step: scraping tea

Scraping water bubbles gently with tea cup lip to make tea fresh and clean

Fifth step: pouring tea

Waiting 15-30 seconds, then pouring tea water into small cups with circle tour

Sixth step: seeing tea

Pick up the cup lid and watch its background, smells tea fragrance.

Seventh step: drinking tea

First smell its fragrance, then drink the tea water, taste it carefully and slowly.

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Mouth feel

relatively light


slightly sweet


strong fragrant floral

Tea color


Tea water


Storage method


Shelf Life

More than 18 months


100g, 250g, 500g


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