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Storage tea

Note! Not all tea can be placed in the refrigerator…

Friends who usually drink tea, the family will have a lot of tea, many friends will put the tea in the refrigerator, and even buy a small refrigerator to store tea. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Whether tea is placed in the refrigerator or not, it must be treated differently. Suitable for tea stored in the refrigerator Green tea, fragrant oolong tea and dehumidifying tea. Among the six major teas, green tea is the most susceptible to deterioration. When it is [...]

xinyang maojian

Henan Xinyang Maojian welcomes the picking season

The spring is full of flowers, and the tea is the most popular. At the end of March, with the rising temperature, “China’s Maojian Capital” Henan Xinyang ushered in the spring tea picking season. On the morning of the 28th, in the Wanmu Ecological Park of Wenxin Tea Village, Caohegang Town, Luohe District, the main producing area and core production area of Xinyang, the green tea ridges are undulating with the terrain, and the green shoots are filled with tea [...]

Longjing Tea

Go! Drink Longjing tea to go!

Longjing tea tree that has slept all winter Wake up in the hustle and bustle of the West Lake It’s another year to drink Mingqian tea. The world’s tea customers look forward to the fresh mouth Come~ However, do you know the legendary “West Lake Longjing”, which block is it from? The important thing is to say three times. After all, not all “Longjing” is called “West Lake Longjing”! There are many Longjing, but only the core production area, namely: Longjing, a first-grade protection area within [...]

New shoots and young leaves embrace the last snow of 2018

Happy New Year 2019

time flies, The 2018 annual ring has slowly passed Everything yesterday It seems to be still in sight Have joy, sadness, happiness, and impatience More is gratifying and moving Thank you for coming Care and love for us In 2019, I was striding forward to us. Grasping today, we are full of pride Looking forward to the new year, we are hungry We will work harder Dedicating the most beautiful tea for you! Aprtea wishes all tea lovers a happy new year. In the new year, I wish you all good health, [...]

Chinese Tea Therapy

Tea instead of medicine │ “Chinese tea therapy” first appeared in Shenzhen Tea Expo

This is the first time that “Chinese Tea Therapy” has appeared in the Shenzhen Tea Fair. Its appearance has refreshed people’s new understanding: tea can cure diseases. In this Shenzhen Tea Expo, “Chinese Tea Therapy” became another highlight of the event. Tea merchants, dealers, tea lovers and other people from all walks of life came to the Hong Kong Tea Society Academic Sharing Meeting. This is the first time that “Chinese Tea Therapy” has appeared in the Tea Fair. Its [...]

2018 Tea Expo

Shenzhen Autumn Tea Expo opens

2018 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair Today, the grand opening of the exhibition center! After ten years of development The scale and influence of the Shenzhen Tea Fair has not been the same 86,000 square meters 4300 standard booths More than 1,700 companies At the exhibitionBeautiful beauty teaTea Space Design CompetitionQushui Liuchao Tea Shuya Collectiona series of exciting activitiesLet us take a look! Fine tea set Tea art Point tea Point tea is the fighting tea method that was popular in the Song Dynasty of China. The so-called tea is to [...]

China Tea Market Status

China Tea Market Status

Tea yield per unit area in China is still at a low level. China’s tea plantations account for nearly half of the world’s tea area, but the output is only 1/4. Indian tea plantations cover 520,000 hectares, which is half of China’s, but the output of tea is basically the same as that of China. China’s tea market is mainly divided into domestic and export. Domestic part 1. Tea consumption has grown rapidly. Tieguanyin (Oolong) market share point is about 70%, Pu’er [...]

Tea Culture Expo

2019 13th China (qingdao) International Tea Culture Expo and Purple Art Exhibition

Exhibition time: June 14-17, 2019 (Friday to Monday) Venue: Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center Halls 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 Approved by: Qingdao Municipal People’s Government organizer: Shandong Tea Culture Association Qingdao Tea Association Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center Qingdao Guozhan Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. Exhibition introduction: First, professional leadership, brand event 2019 The 13th China (Qingdao) International Tea Culture Expo and Zisha Art Exhibition (referred to as Qingdao International Tea Fair) was approved by the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government, Shandong Tea Culture Association, Qingdao Tea Association, [...]

Ten News

Top Ten News Events of China’s Tea Industry in 2018

The top ten news of the 2018 China Tea Industry jointly selected by many media. The tea event of the big event selected this year is led by scientific research and tea health, further indicating that tea plays an indispensable position in daily life. Tea is the symbol of China and the base of health. Knowing tea, understanding tea, knowing tea, and falling in love with tea are our daily practice classes. 1. The state attaches importance to the promotion [...]