Tea Drink Method

Green tea

The elderly are especially suitable for drinking Longjing tea

The International Conference designated six health products: Green tea ranks first; the second red wine; the third soymilk; the fourth yogurt; the fifth bone soup; the sixth mushroom soup. Seventy percent of people over 70 said they drank at least two to three cups of green tea a day, and Alzheimer’s disease was the lowest among them, according to a survey of people over 70. On the contrary, those who drank one cup a day, or did not drink green tea at [...]


Why do you drink tea more and more thirsty?

In life, tea, whether before or now, is an indispensable drink in people’s life. Many people’s pursuit of tea has also improved a lot. Thirst quenching is the most basic function of tea, but many people have this feeling when they drink tea: the first cup is very thirst quenching, but the more you drink and the more thirsty, so what is the reason that you drink more thirsty? 1, tea polyphenols Tea contains polyphenols, which can form an impermeable film on the [...]

Drinking tea

A “travel” of a cup of tea in the human body…

Many people like to drink tea, but the entrance to the tea soup, do you know where they are going? Let’s take a look! Travel arrangements Starting from the teacup, take the “esophagus light rail” to the stomach and small intestine, and the “small intestinal mucosa” ferries into the small intestine capillaries, and then enters the liver through the “hepatic portal vein”, where the “inspector-enzyme” is responsible for inspecting large items. And split it into various small “metabolites”. Then the “heart” arranges [...]

winter solstice

What kind of tea is best for the winter solstice season?

The winter solstice is an important solar term in the 24th solar terms of the lunar calendar. The time is in the annual Gregorian calendar from December 21 to 23, and it is also a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The winter solstice is the “Winter Festival”, so it is regarded as the big festival in winter. In ancient times, there was a saying that “the winter solstice is as big as the year”. In ancient times, people [...]

black tea

Tea soup color of black tea the more red, the better?

Autumn, with some dry air, has slowly come. This season is suitable for drinking a cup of black tea, the characteristics of red soup and red leaves, giving people a warm feeling. However, when drinking black tea, do you have this kind of doubt: Why is black tea “red”, is it the more red, the better? Just as the freshness of green tea is related to the ratio of phenol to ammonia, the quality of black tea soup is related to [...]

green tea keep

How to Keep Green Tea

Green tea is not fermented tea, so the active ingredients in tea are kept more, although there is a good health effect, the storage period is not long, so the daily life should be kept good green tea, prolong its shelf life. So, how can green tea be preserved? Then let’s take a look at the preservation of green tea. 1. Storage method of the plastic bag and aluminum foil bag Tea can be wrapped in soft paper in advance and [...]

Puer Tea

How to Properly Brew Pu’er Tea

What we want to share with you today is the correct brewing method for Pu’er tea. The quality of a cup of tea is not only inseparable from the quality of the tea, but also depends on the method of brewing. Here we take a look at the right method of brewing.   To make a good cup of Pu’er tea, we need to control the water temperature, the amount of tea, and the brewing time, these three points must complement each [...]

tea water health

What Time to Drink Tea in a Day

Tea health in China and the world has been handed down for thousands of years of tradition, the health research of tea has been more and more, it seems that all the health risks in people’s life can be solved by a cup of tea. What time to drink tea in a day Morning: after a day’s metabolism, the body consumes a lot of water and the concentration of blood is large. After getting up early, drinking a cup of light [...]

tea drink

How to Make a Cup of Tea

Yes, I prefer tea. Of the three major beverages of the world– tea, coffee and cocoa– tea is consumed by the largest number of people. How to make a cup of tea? I. Heating the teapot. For a thorough admiration of the tea fragrance, the teapot has to be heated first as a warming-up before the tea ceremony. The hot water can stay briefly within the pot, and tea admiration can be conducted at the same time. 2. Tea admiration. It all starts [...]