tea culture

Tea-Horse Road

The origin of the Tea-Horse Road

Since the Tang Dynasty, a channel has been formed between Yunnan and Tibet, India and Southeast Asian countries to transport Yunnan Pu’er tea. It is comparable to the famous “Silk Road”, which is still a huge humanistic significance. Tea Horse Road. The ancient tea-and-horse road is an ancient trade channel between Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet. Because it is the trade of Sichuan and Yunnan teas and Tibetan horses and herbs, it is called the “Tea Horse Road”. “The Ancient Tea [...]

Chinese Tea

The imprint times of Chinese tea

As a representative of Chinese culture, tea has always been favored by the general public. The tea culture is profound and profound, with a rustic tea fragrance, through the symbols of the times, to the people of different ages, endless aftertaste and memory. 50’s – tea is used to quench your thirst An old tea leaf, then filled with a whole military kettle, the heat is going to the sky, the fathers often say that when they were young, they slanted [...]

charcoal baking tea

Wuyi rock tea and charcoal baking

Charcoal baking is a step in the refining of rock tea. The quality of charcoal roasting tea is “three points of tea and seven points of fire” The role of Wuyiyan tea charcoal baking 1. Evaporation of water, prolonging the shelf life: Since the tea leaves are loose in structure and many of the components contain hydrophilic groups such as hydroxyl groups, the tea leaves have strong hygroscopicity. After the water content of the tea reaches a certain level, the mold [...]

Lu’an Guapian

The story behind the Lu’an melon tablets

The output of Lu’an melon tablets ( Lu’an Guapian) is the largest in Lu’an City, accounting for more than 80% of the total output; the quality is best in Qishan, Huangshi, Lichong, Huang’an, Yu’an District, Hongshi, etc.; Qishan Business Card ( Also known as Qishan Yunwu Melon, Jinzhai Business Card) is the best of Liuan Guapian. The tea production area is located in the northern foot of the Dabie Mountains and belongs to the Huaihe River system. The altitude [...]


Four Common Techniques for Selecting Pu-erh Tea

How do you choose Pu-erh Tea? Drinking tea culture in China has a long history. Drinking tea can not only satisfy our material needs, but also satisfy our spiritual needs. Pu-erh Tea is one of the popular varieties of tea nowadays. Do you know how to pick good Pu-erh Tea? Let’s get to know it. How to choose Pu-erh Tea?   1. Appearance When choosing Pu-erh Tea, we should first look at the appearance, see whether the strip is intact, whether the tea [...]