Yunnan Dianhong

Chinese Yunnan Dianhong Tea

Yunnan Dianhong Tea Introduction

Yunnan Dianhong tea (云南滇红茶, yún nán diān hóng chá), also known as Yunnan black tea, referred to as Dian Black tea. To large-leaved red broken tea pie forming, stereotypes products leaf tea, broken tea, tea, tea at the end of 4 categories 11 colors. Its shape has its own specific specifications, Black tea body, color and mix thoroughly, after brewing soup bright red color, gold ring prominent, fresh and aroma, strong taste, rich and irritating, leaves red and bright, with milk is still more Strong tea flavor, brown, pink or turmeric bright, with strong, strong, fresh for its own characteristics. Finished tea is produced by the excellent leaves of Yunnan, the largest species of fresh tea, withering, rolling or kneading, fermentation, baking and other processes.

Yunnan Dianhong tea is produced in southern Yunnan and southwestern Lincang, Baoshan, Fengqing, Xishuangbanna, Simao, Dehong and other places. Origin of the territory of the ups and downs, the average elevation is above 1,000 meters. Subtropical climate, with an average annual temperature of 18 ~ 22 ℃, annual accumulated temperature is above 6000 ℃, temperature disparity between day and night. The average annual rainfall is 1200 ~ 1700 mm, with “sunny morning and night fog everywhere, rainy days full of mountain climatic characteristics.” Its dense forests, the leaves of hay to form a deep layer of humus, fertile soil, resulting in tall tea, buds and strong foliage, with white dense, even grow to 5 to 6 leaves, still soft and tender, especially in tea Polyphenols, alkaloids and other ingredients, ranking first in China’s tea.