Jin Jun Mei

Chinese Jin Jun Mei Tea

Introduction Jin Jun Mei tea

Jin Jun Mei (金骏眉, jīn jùn méi ), belonging to the black tea Zhongzheng Mountain raccoon branches, native to Wuyi in Fujian Province Tongmu Village. Jiang Yuanxun, the twenty-fourth generation of Kusakabe black tea inheritance, led the team on the basis of traditional crafts through innovative integration and developed a new variety of black tea in 2005.

The reason why Jinjun eyebrow is precious is that it is handcrafted by a master tea maker in the whole process. Every 500g of Jinjun Mei tea needs tens of thousands of fresh shoots of tea buds, picking the fresh tea buds of the mountain original ecological species in Wuyishan Nature Reserve, to be completed through a series of complex withering, shaking, fermentation, rolling and other processing steps .

The appearance of Eyebrow tea is small and tight. The color is gold, yellow, black and white. Golden for the tea fluff, buds, tight tight knot, round and straight, light body weight, uniform. Open Tang golden color, water with sweet, sweet through the incense, the bottom of the flower fruity display was unable to imitate and beyond the rare quality. Special aroma, dry tea fragrance; hot soup pure and refreshing; warm soup (45 ℃ or so) maturity and delicate; cold soup clear and elegant, high and lasting. Both hot and cold drinks are smooth, with "clear, and, alcohol, thick, fragrant" features. Even brewed 12 times, the mouth is still full of sweet, after the end of the leaves stretch, sprouts fresh, beautiful show.

Jin Jun Mei tea benefits

  1. The caffeine and theophylline in Jin Jun Mei tea have diuretic effect, which is used to treat edema and stagnation of water. The antidetoxification and diuretic effect of black tea sugar can be used to treat acute jaundice hepatitis.
  2. Jin Jun Mei tea has a small amount of caffeine, which has strong heart, spasmodic and relaxing smooth muscles. It can relieve bronchial spasm and promote blood circulation. It is a good auxiliary drug for bronchial asthma, cough relieving, expectorant and myocardial infarction.
  3. Polyphenols and vitamin C of Jin Jun Mei tea have the role of blood circulation to prevent atherosclerosis.
  4.  Polyphenols and tannic acid of Jin Jun Mei tea has effect on bacteria, bacterial proteins can be solidified and will kill bacteria. It can be used for the treatment of intestinal diseases, such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, enteritis and so on. Skin sores, festering injuries, broken skin, wash the affected area with tea, there are anti-inflammatory. Using tea to treat oral inflammation, ulceration, throat swelling and pain, also has a certain effect.
  5. Caffeine, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid and aromatic substances and other compounds in Jin Jun Mei tea, can regulate fat metabolism.
  6. Jin Jun Mei contains fluoride, fluoride ions and teeth of calcium has a great affinity, can become a more difficult to dissolve in acid “fluorapatite.”