A “travel” of a cup of tea in the human body…

Drinking tea

A “travel” of a cup of tea in the human body…

Many people like to drink tea, but the entrance to the tea soup, do you know where they are going? Let’s take a look!

Travel arrangements

Starting from the teacup, take the “esophagus light rail” to the stomach and small intestine, and the “small intestinal mucosa” ferries into the small intestine capillaries, and then enters the liver through the “hepatic portal vein”, where the “inspector-enzyme” is responsible for inspecting large items. And split it into various small “metabolites”.

Then the “heart” arranges accommodation according to the preferences and characteristics of the tourists, and finally takes away the “metabolites” taken away, excreted with feces or urine, and happily ends the trip.

Travel arrangements

Tea polyphenol

After drinking tea for 1 minute: Tea polyphenols eliminate the bacteria in the mouth.
After drinking tea for 10 minutes: help transport the food stomach cart to enhance intestinal peristalsis.
After drinking tea for 30 minutes: thorns and thorns, reaching the human blood.
After drinking tea for 1 hour: use your flesh and blood to be the “knife”, “skin”, “brain”, “cell” to resist the “free radical” sharp knife, let people rejuvenate.
After drinking tea for 6~48 hours: excreted in excrement.

Tea polyphenol

Aromatic substance

Aromatic substances ride on the “smell time machine”, through the “nasal passage” to drink the “nasopharynx pathway” to the olfactory mucosa, the aboriginal olfactory cells are very happy to see the aromatic substances, immediately report to the brain Boss, the brain hears aromatic substances It’s even more exciting to dance and have a lot of spirit!


In the brain: awakening the “cerebral cortex”, the brain begins to be active, concentration is improved, and exercise capacity is improved.
In the heart: enhance the “myocardial” contraction, the gas is not short, not breathing.
In the kidneys: dilate the “kidney blood vessels” and enhance the function of the kidneys.
In the liver: drive away “alcohol” to alleviate the toxicity of alcohol to the liver.
After drinking tea for 4 hours: burn off the excess “oil and water” in the body to help create a beautiful body shape.
After drinking tea for 8 hours: excreted as excrement.

Tea Caffeine


After 30 minutes of drinking tea: Leave the esophagus and intestines and reach the blood and liver.
After drinking tea for 1 hour: leave the blood and liver and go to various tissues and organs.
After 5 hours of tea drinking: cross the “blood-brain barrier” into the brain tissue. It affects the metabolism and release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, soothes nerves, calms the mind and protects brain damage.
After drinking tea for 24 hours: excreted in the form of excretion.


When I saw a cup of tea traveling in the body, did I feel that I would like to invite tourists like tea to play in the various “rooms” of the body?

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