2018 Tmall Double 11 Tea Industry Data

Double 11

2018 Tmall Double 11 Tea Industry Data

In 2018, “Tmall Double Eleven” ushered in a total turnover of 213.5 billion Renminbi. This figure has set a record for last year and is the first time since the 10th anniversary of “Tmall Double Eleven” to break through the 200 billion mark.

In the field of tea, the turnover of double eleven broke through 1.6 billion last year, rising to 1.87 billion this year, approaching 1.5 billion. This is also a good news for the tea industry.

1. Non-tea tea has once again become a hot spot for consumption;

2. The net black tea in the name of Zhengshan Xiaozhong has achieved absolute victory;

3. Xiaoqinggan was not on the list last year, and this year has become one of the main forces driving traffic and sales;

4. Amend to become a dark horse this year, but it has not entered the tea industry, but only with health and health products;

5. Green tea collectively encounters cold, Rizhao green tea becomes a new premium in green tea category;

6. Pu’er tea cooked tea still dominates Pu’er tea category NO1 with absolute dominance, while Dayi brand occupies six seats;

7. The sales amount of black tea surpassed oolong tea and green tea for the first time, ranking third.

Tea product hot list:

Cooked tea continues to dominate the list, and the black horse is a small breed that breaks into the top three.

1.Whole tea

Health and wellness tea has returned strongly. This year’s sales accounted for 2.88% higher than last year. And in the number of transactions accounted for an absolute advantage, in the total number of tea transactions accounted for TOP1 and TOP2, occupying 4 positions in the 1O seat position.

Rizhao Green Tea broke the situation that West Lake Longjing dominated the world last year and became the dark horse of this year’s whole tea deal than top4.

Whole tea

2. Pu’er Tea

Pu’er cooked tea is still the first choice for ordinary consumers. The popularity of positioning is one of the key reasons to promote its sales. Small green mandarins are still the hottest category this year.
It is worth mentioning that Pu’er tea still failed to achieve zero breakthrough, no one on the list. Under the situation that the heat of Pu’er tea is getting higher, the raw tea has to be refueled.

Pu'er Tea

3. White tea

White tea is still dominated by cakes, and white peony, Shoumei and Gongmei rank most of the products.

White tea

4. Oolong tea

No surprises, Tieguanyin Occupy! The figure of Wuyi Rock Tea, Single Cong, and Taiwan Oolong is still lacking.

Oolong tea

5. Black tea

Lipton is still the hegemonic position, and Chuan Ninghong does not show up for 2 seats. Surprisingly, the popularity of the Zhengshan Xiaozhong overwhelmed Jin Junmei, occupying 4 seats.

Black tea

6. Green tea

It is no longer the world of West Lake Longjing and Biluochun, and the tongue and Rizhao green tea begin to stand out. In particular, Rizhao green tea is considered a new year for green tea this year.

Green tea

7. Dark Tea

Still the world of Anhua Dark Tea, but also the competition of multiple brands.

Dark Tea

8. Yellow tea

It is still the Huoshan yellow buds that dominate the world. I am really worried that the yellow tea will leave us and will not drink any other types of yellow tea.

Yellow tea










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