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Chinese Oolong Tea

Chinese Oolong Tea

Oolong tea possesses both the scent of green tea and the rich flavor of black tea and it is well-known worldwide.

The tea leaves will first be wilted after picking, and then shaken alternately in order to control the degree of fermentation.Upon the smell of the leaves changes from grassy to floral fragrant; the tea will be heated for deactivation of enzymes and then rolled and dried. This half-fermented tea is oolong tea.

Chinese Green Tea

Chinese Green Tea

Green tea is the earliest type of tea in history and also the most popular one.

Green tea uses the tea buds and tender tea leaves of the tea plant as raw material. The leaves will be dried directly without fermentation after deactivation of enzymes and rolling.The dry tea, the tea liquor and the tea after brewing are all green in color.

Chinese Black Tea

Chinese Black Tea

Black tea is ranked fist globally in terms of production and sales volume.

Black tea was wilted, rolled or cut directly without the process of deactivation of enzymes. The tea will then be dried after fully fermentated. By this specific processing, the tea polyphenols will be oxidized into thearubigins that gives the tea a unique dark red color. Is also has the characteristics of red tea liquor,red leaf and the sweetly mellow flavor.

Chinese Dark Tea

Chinese Dark Tea

The processing of dark tea includes wilting, deactivation of enzymes, rolling and drying, and the piling for post-fermentation, which gives the tea leaves and liquor a dark brown color,and a rich flavor. Dark tea is very famous for promoting digestion.

Chinese White Tea

Chinese White Tea

White tea is dried directly only after the process of wilting. It is often covered with delicate fuzz, and has a mild and smooth flavor to the liquor. White tea has the effects of refreshing the body and ridding of toxins.

Chinese Yellow Tea

Chinese Yellow Tea

The processing if yellow tea is similar to green tea but added with the sweltering processing to its making; this process gives the tea and its liquor a yellow color. Yellow tea has a delicate fragrance and sweet flavor.

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